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Today’s highly connected IT infrastructures exist in an environment that is increasingly hostile – attacks are being mounted with increasing frequency and are demanding ever shorter reaction times. Often, organizations are unable to react to new security threats before their business is impacted. Managing the security of their infrastructures—and the business value that those infrastructures deliver—has become a primary concern for IT departments.

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Log Radar™ represents the universal event log repository and hub within a central network that starts with collection of any enterprise event data which can in turn be leveraged for purposes ranging from threat detection and forensics investigations to rapid troubleshooting and simplified reporting request. Register with us and we will send you a login to download the evaluation copy.

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Why Is Security Information So Crucial?

Log Radar™ is a security management tool designed to empower its users to manage security logs efficiently as well as appreciate their network health posture instantly via graphical visualization of threats, anomalies and existing trends.

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